Babel is a very powerful code generator and parser, but the documentation doesn’t have many examples of how to use it for parsing, generating, and manipulating abstract syntax trees, I’m collecting some here from my own usage of it.

Prettier + ESLint


How to define an environment variable

An app that Creates Learning Opportunities when Reading is Impossible


Get Your Medium Stories Narrated by the Best Text to Speech Technology

What is Google WaveNet?

Today, we are extremely excited to announce that we have integrated all of Google WaveNet’s voices into and made them available for anyone who writes on Medium!

Get The Play Plugin for WordPress

This plugin for your WordPress site instantly converts blog posts into audio, so your readers can listen to them as audio podcasts.

The Gap

In the U.S. alone, did you know —

That 67 million people listen to podcasts monthly?

And 85% of the people listening, hear the entire podcast?

We converted 7,000 Medium articles from text to speech

Iterators and Iterables:

What are iterables?

Why do we need iterables?

Mahmoud Felfel

Building among other things!

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